Kate Poe


San Marco

Typeface revival

San Marco is a caps-only digital typeface derived specifically from a series of 13th century biblical passages along the upper atrium ceiling of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy. Because it is designed from centuries old mosaics, I conducted research on typical gothic lettering to compensate for obscure letterforms, missing characters, and the frequent use of Latin ligatures. 

Divine Comedy 
Cantos and characters

Visual guide

I developed a visual plan of Dante’s Divine Comedy, including the location, cantos, and characters in each level of Paradiso, Purgatorio, and Inferno. It is designed as a visual companion to the narrative poem to facilitate references to people, places, and time. 

Love Letters
Website and greeting cards

Interactive design project
Poster/sticker series, website with archived voicemails, greeting card collection

Love Letter is an interactive design project that collects voicemails from members of the BU and broader Boston community and repurposes them into greeting cards with an online archive. I created a series of stickers asking people to leave a voicemail about something they love, which I pulled quotes from and adapted into a series of cards. On the back of the cards is the address to a website where participants can view the message their card was adapted from, or explore other messages. 

The website contains transcriptions of each message as well as the message itself. These are displayed using icons that match the color of the physical card and type of message (voicemail or text message). The websitewas active throughout the duration of the project at www.lovelettermessages.com and was created using custom coding on Cargo. It is now currently archived.