Kate Poe


The Sight of Sound

Collaborative project and exhibition
Risograph animation, zine, postcards, posters

The Sight of Sound is a collaborative exhibition of risograph animations inspired by the visualization of sound and music in Fall 2023. 

My work was inspired by the experience of deja vu, specifically with confusion of dreams and reality. I used music from A Day in the Life by the Beatles and wake up by moow and collaborated with my classmate Leena Jang to develop ideas and print collateral. 

The work consisted of a risograph animation, postcards, posters, a collaborative printed book, and  miniature flipbooks of riso frames.  

Art & Care:
Living with & Beyond Cancer
Give me a call so I know you got there safe

Collaborative exhibition
Animation, 30-seconds
8 8.5” x 11” salt prints

Using footage from my father’s video camera and my own personal archives, I created an animation juxtaposing our lives. There is footage from a childhood Christmas morning, my dad's memorial, his travels in Colorado, my own travels in California and more. By using a series of salt prints, a very early photographic process which progressively fades, I wanted to call attention to the passing of time through our adventures and memories, intertwined and parallel, with or without each other. 

Art & Care: Living with & Beyond Cancer is a collaborative project exploring cancer experiences as expressed through visual art organized by Boston University professors Robin Newman (SAR) and Toni Pepe (CFA). The initiative will include public lectures and an exhibition. This collaboration is proudly supported in part by the BU Arts Initiative.

In partnership with Sargent College Department of Occupational Therapy and the BU School of Visual Arts Print Media & Photography program, the BU Arts Initiative is honored to present Everyday Rituals of Care: Parenting with and Beyond Cancer on the second-floor landing of the George Sherman Union (775 Commonwealth Ave.) September through October 15, 2022. This exhibition is one part of a year-long project led by Robin Newman, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy and Toni Pepe, Assistant Professor of Art, Photography during which OT students and Photography students will explore more than 100 images analyzing the image and corresponding text through both the clinical and artistic perspectives. In the Spring semester, there will be a second exhibit in the College of Fine Arts of additional works along with panel discussions on the intersection of art, medicine, and health.


Oil, acrylic, gouache

In addition to having taken several painting classes while in school, I enjoy painting in my free time. Below are some samples of my personal work, including portraits, landscapes, a series of pet portraits, and whatever else is around when the inspiration to paint strikes.